Golf Shop Management

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Our team of golf professionals knows quality and what our customers want. We bring together golf shop management and customer relations, in order to increase revenue and deliver the best service. We work with the brands leading the market: TaylorMade, Adidas and Ashworth. Schedule a visit to our golf shop in Golf Maioris and Hotel Port Adriano.
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We understand how important is to deliver quality Rental Sets that will exceed clients expectations. We offer a solution to club managers who want to offer the latest clubs but are not willing to invest every year and don’t have to worry upon demand. We partner with Taylor Made to deliver the latest models but also we have the ability to renew these every year.
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In order to grow the relationship between golf professionals and clients, we setup individual fitting sessions and we organize periodically Demo Days. Our Flightscope technology helps us determine our customers needs and build a trustworthy relationship with our golf professionals. As authorized retailers and recognized fitting professionals in Mallorca, we present the latest models available on the market.
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Our golf professionals on-site have all the tools to give solution to everyday problems such as broken shafts, re-grips and more. Our fast service response helps to deliver the best service and increase customers satisfaction.