Proactive Golf Academy

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We’re pleased to offer golf courses planned for 6 months to prepare students to get their handicap certificate or make them play better.
Our beginner course for locals blends group lessons with greenfees, the perfect combination for those people that want to start to play golf but not yet have taken the decision to become a member. We have over 30 people engaged, these are 30 potential future members.
This is a unique golf program in Mallorca for beginners and advanced players. In addition to practical classes and other benefits, it includes the opportunity to play on the golf course and get your handicap certificate if you don’t have it.
          Beginners: Golf course focused on new players who want to learn quickly and effectively. The technique will work the basic shots, rules of etiquette and practice on the field for strategy.
          Advanced: Course to experienced players who already have the Handicap certificate. We will work the technique of the most specific shots and in a more individualized way with each player.
The course will take 6 months.  4 hours lesson will be made per month
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Our team of golf professionals run three junior golf academies in Mallorca (Golf Son Antem, Golf Maioris and T Golf Club). Our main instructor for all academies, Coque Insua, has been working for the Junior Teams in the «Federación Balear de Golf» and know all the methods and technique to guide juniors to success. Every little detail is planned ahead in our Junior Academy Brochure, to find out more visit our Junior Academy section.
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We do an important work promoting the game of golf and growing the game, in order to bring new customers to our beginner course and junior academy. Twice a year, we bring new potential customers that live in the neighborhood, people that would like to know more about this sport. This strategy requires lots of planning and promotion, throughout the years have delivered great results and growth.